When you invest in Real Estate you are buying a Money Machine.

It's not like buying your primary residence, you need someone experienced in Investment Real Estate to guide you through the maze.

There are basically two strategies of producing income from residential properties. 1) buy and flip and 2) rental. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and you have to determine what works for you. Under the right circumstances there is money to be made “buying & flipping” and we are happy to help you find the right place to do just that. However in the Daytona Beach area we see a greater potential for return on investment in the rental market. Everyone's circumstances are unique, let us help you determine what works for you and your circumstances.

Residential Rental Real Estate is a great investment because it has more than one source to increase your rate of return.

  • Gross Operating Income (rent you collect)

  • Principal Reductions on amount financed, the mortgage is being paid by your tenants

  • Tax advantages such as Depreciation/Cost Recovery, repairs, insurance, and mortgage interest

  • Appreciation of the home. The price of existing homes increased on average in the State of Florida by 4.3% annually over the past 30 years

Bill and Joe are both experienced real estate investors. Bill started investing in real estate in 1995 by using a home equity loan. Joe started in 2013 using Bill as his Realtor, that's when Joe got the real estate bug and shortly thereafter got his real estate license. Between the two of them they own property in LLC’s and Retirement accounts. Let Bill and Joe help you navigate the maze of investment property. Bill is a member of the National Real Estate Investors Association.

We Can Help Improve Your Return on Investment

If you already own investment property or are a first time investor, we can help. Let us do an evaluation on your current properties now, and your next property before you buy it. I believe we can increase your rate of return using our proven methods.    

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