Joe Gambino, PLLC, Realtor®

My name is Joe Gambino with Gaff's Realty, and I am the happy realtor who started off as the reluctant realtor!  I have been an air traffic controller for over 25 years, and my wife and I started buying some investment  homes a few years ago that we wanted to make nice and rent out to good people, and also help benefit us in our retirement.  As we looked for homes, I discovered that I enjoyed the process of shopping for houses and I discovered that I had a knack for assessing homes and seeing their potential.   This was all much to the delight of my closest friend and former air traffic colleague, who had discovered his calling as a real estate agent many years before.  We are now the team of Sell Daytona! 

I work hard for each and every client, working to get them the best deal.  I walk them through the process, especially first time buyers, and ensure that their needs are met all along the way through closing and beyond.  

When I'm not actively helping someone find their dream home, or sell their current home, or "pushing tin" in the skies, I am with my supportive and beautiful wife of 13 years, two amazing sons, and my big drooling mastiffs.


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